The Bias of Conservative Websites

The website is an anti-Obama website with numerous stories and passages denouncing Obama’s health care bill.  Among the story headlines are “Repeal is Perfect for the Obamacare Birthday” and “Why Obamacare is Bad for America.”

The term “Obamacare” is a pejorative term used by opponents of Obama’s health care plan.  Just the very name has negative connotations.  The term “Obamacare” is misleading because it implies that President Obama invented the concept of universal health care, when in fact the United States is the only industrialized nation without it.

Before Obama’s health care was passed, most Americans were in favor of some kind of health care reform.  Many presidents before Obama have tried to pass a health care bill but failed.  Obama, however, managed to do the unthinkable.  He managed to pass a health care bill after so many presidents have failed before him.

One would think Americans would be popping out the Champaign bottles to celebrate such a historic milestone.  In the 21st century, after years of debate, Obama finally gave America what every other wealthy country has – a universal health care system.  But, very few celebrated.  The detractors of the bill, who initially were the minority, took advantage of America’s ignorance and, with websites such as this, convinced the majority of Americans that Obama’s health care bill was a bad idea.

The creators of the website use plenty of scare tactics to get across its point.  One passage reads “The health care bill is fundamentally and structurally flawed, and cannot be repaired or improved; it must be repealed and replaced.”  This passage evidently shows that opponents of the bill are not as interested in bill itself but rather have a discrepancy toward the politicians who created it.  Another passage reads “[Obamacare] will lead us to higher costs, lower quality, longer waits for care, and limits to new treatments and medicines.”  The website makes these abundant claims but has virtually no statistics or evidence to support them.

The website claims that under Obama’s bill, patients will ultimately have to wait longer for care.  This may be true.  Under the current system, it may be quicker to receive medical treatment than in countries like Canada, but it comes at a price – the outrageous medical bills that many individuals without insurance will be stuck with.  The website fails to provide information from the opposing viewpoint.  It fails to mention the disadvantage American’s face for the luxury of quicker treatment.

Under Obama’s plan, even if does take longer to receive medical treatment, one will not be stuck with outrageous medical bills.  It more than evens itself out.  For a better understanding, suppose I go to a car lot and spot a car I really like.  The price tag reads $20,000.  To my surprise, however, the car salesman offers to give me the car for free.  The only downfall being that I would have to wait three months to get it.  So I have two choices.  I can either pay the $20,000 to drive it off the lot today, or I can wait, a little inconveniently, for three months and have the car for free.  Unless I had unlimited amounts of money, it would be irrational and unreasonable of me not to pick the latter.

The website also states that with this bill is unconstitutional by forcing Americans to have this new health insurance.  The website fails to mention what unbiased supporters of this bill have been saying since and before its passing, “If you like your plan, you can keep it. (National Journal 16).

The website’s front page claims that America cannot afford a tax-based health care system on account of health care being too high.  However, it fails to mention Obama’s health care reform mandates insurance companies to fully cover preventative care, in order to catch diseases before they start (Nursing Standard 64).  If more Americans focused on preventive care, such as colonoscopies, mammograms, and cholesterol level screenings, health care costs would drop to unforeseen levels.

The front page of the website currently reads “Repeal is the Perfect Present for Obamacare’s Birthday.”  Under that headline it states that “Obamacare isn’t worth the paper it is printed on, and is bad news for businesses, doctors, and hospitals.”  This, too, is misleading because the majority of small businesses and hospitals support the bill.  Obama’s health care bill will bring down costs for small businesses by creating a health insurance exchange, providing a small business tax credit, ending the “hidden tax” on small businesses that provide health insurance and preventing arbitrary premium hikes. Reform will also ensure Americans have stable, secure insurance coverage, limit out-of-pocket spending and eliminate caps on benefits (Policy and Practice 7).

Overall, the website is not only biased in its claims, but misleading as well.  Easily influenced Americans might look at a website like this or one similar and assume they are reading facts.  Many Americans do not understand the concept of universal health care.  They do not know every other country but America has it.  Several websites are able to be biased but still provide opposing statistics and perspectives.  This website does not.  This website offers nothing but misleading claims after another with very little facts.


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