Six Things Men Over 30 Should No Longer Do.

When you’re over 30, you can no longer get away with the things you did when you were in your early 20s. It’s a fact we must all face. If you still want to attract younger women, it’s going to require more effort. There are certain things that no man over 30 should do. Now there are some men who are married and they don’t care how fat they get or how quickly they age. And that’s their personal choice. But if you’re one of those post 30-year-old’s who still want to bang the 20-year-old cheerleaders, it’s going to require effort.

1) No more fast food or soda. Seriously, even in moderation. When you hit 3-0 you have to come to the realization that your body will no longer react to things as it did when you were 20. No food delivered through a window should ever go in a post-30’s orifice. It’s best to wean yourself off anything that comes through a drive-thru completely.

2) Getting Chubby/Fat. You are not going to get a second look by a 21-year-old hottie if you are a 32-year-old fat man. You no longer have the option of being fat. When you’re a teenager, you have the advantage of being fat sophomore year, and then coming back junior year as a lean stud. But after 30, you have no more comebacks. At that moment you should be at your permanent physical peak.

3) Not working out. It’s a must to exercise at least every other day, with minor exercises every day before bed. You no longer have the option of sitting on your ass. Exercise is important, because your metabolism is shot. If you want to maintain that 31-inch-waste, it’s going to require effort. I think everyone over 30 should have a gym membership. Personally, I think gyms should be free like libraries, because it’s just as important to physically stimulate yourself as it is to mentally stimulate.

5) Pulling all-nighters. We all have pulled the infamous all-nighter in high school or college to finish that assignment on which we procrastinated, whilst still being pretty the next day. We have spent all night at the club downing shots, not making it home until 3 a.m., while still making it into work by morning; but over 30, it won’t fly. The next day you’ll actually appear your age: with your crow’s-feet standing out and bags under your eyes. You now require your beauty sleep.

6) Not using moisturizer. Moisturizer is your friend. Don’t ever feel emasculated by smearing pumpkin seed oil under your brow line – with receptive use, you’ll look better than and attract more women than your friends who don’t use moisturizer. Extra-virgin olive oil and coconut oil also make great moisturizers, and they fit criteria of the nutritionally-important rule: “if you can’t eat it, don’t put it on your face.”

I hope this helps. And just remember, if you ever feel like you’re missing out because you can’t have that large steak burger and fries, just remember: you’re getting laid more, thus, you’re not missing out at all. And what would you rather have, calorie-loaded food or sex with beautiful, younger women? I rest my case.


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