Reasons I address my prayers to “God” and not “Jesus.”

I would call myself an agnostic theist. I don’t know if there’s a god or not (no one can truly know for sure) but I believe there is. I’m very spiritual, I pray, I often find myself doing the “Catholic” trinity *father, son, holy spirit* hand gesture when facing a tough situation. I believe in karma and my conscious tells me to make certain decisions or otherwise the universe will get me back in some way, however minor (for example, if I pick up something at the store, and decide I don’t want it, my conscious tells me I have to put it back where it goes instead of putting it in a random place in the store and leaving it for the employees…weird, I know).

But I don’t know if I can fully call myself a Christian. While I believe in (a) God, I don’t know if Jesus is God, or if Christianity is just a story or fairy tale, and also, I do not ascribe to any organized religions, and Christianity is an organized religion (some evangelicals call it a “relationship” but it is still, by objective definition, an organized religion).

I consider “God” to be universal. “Jesus” only covers Christianity, but “God” covers all bases – the term “God” exists outside of organized religions, and is a broad, universal concept, which Christians, Muslims, Buddhist, Hindus, and all religions (and non-religious) use. “God” IMO could be used as a metaphor for positive energy, the universe, or any higher power that may exist. God also covers Jesus, too.

Thus, I feel more comfortable praying to “God,” as I’m not being selective, and I’m covering all bases; if I pray to Jesus, I’m not entirely sure God is Jesus, so I wouldn’t be sure whichever higher exists is hearing that prayer. But I believe when I use the word “God,” which has no limits, I’m addressing whichever higher power may exist.



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