Child Transgenderism or Not Conforming to Gender Roles?

I’ve been watching a lot of child transgender videos lately, and they all have one essential thing in common: the parents saw signs of gender identity when their biological son/daughter would gravitate toward things outside of their gender roles. For example, if their biological son was drawn to the color pink and dresses, and their biological daughter was drawn to trucks, this is supposed to be somehow indicative of having signs of gender identity.

But here’s what’s contradictory: Gender roles by the very nature are based on stereotypes. Girls aren’t inherently born to like the color pink and boys aren’t born to like trucks – these are learned behaviors that girls and boys pick up from our societal gender roles. Gender roles vary from culture to culture and with time. Liberals are typically strong proponents of thinking outside of gender roles.

With that said, when a male-to-female transgender says she knew she was transgender when she would gravitate toward the color pink and playing with dolls, this is implying that Westernized gender roles like the color pink is somehow inherently and/or biologically associated with being a female. So rather than just assume these parents have a son or daughter who thinks outside of gender roles, which is a good thing, they are implying our culturally-created stereotypical gender roles do matter.

To add, If my daughter wanted to play with trucks or wear clothes boys typically wear, I would first assume how lucky I am to have a daughter who doesn’t conform to gender roles, rather than assume she had gender identity.

That said, I’m not against transgenderism.  I admit there’s still things of which I’m unsure.


One thought on “Child Transgenderism or Not Conforming to Gender Roles?

  1. Very good points. Gender roles are definitely a strange a ridiculous construct, and it is pretty unreasonable to use that as a basis for an assumption about gender. After all, as a kid I had no issue with feminine stuff and my close friend wore boy clothes, played with boy toys, etc. She grew up to be a flourishing bisexual girl and I grew up to be… well, a guy.
    I think some of the documentaries I’ve seen have actually made a very good case, though- for instance, though I can’t recall the title or anything, apparently the focus of one attempted to perform surgery with a pair of nail clippers as a seven year old. Pretty freaky stuff. Generally, though, I don’t trust those sorts of videos. They get out the message, but they’re so overly sensationalized.

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