Radical Feminism: Great in Theory, Bad in Application

Let me begin by saying I support, or at the most have no issues with, the ideas radical feminism claims to uphold.  But this movement is not without its hypocrites who may be more traditional than they want to admit.

One of my long-time friends is a radical vegan feminist.  We’ll call her Alana George. She consistently protests society’s fixed gender roles that have been placed before her.  With her reasoning, which I support, if a man can roam freely without his shirt off, then a woman should be able to as well, without repercussion.

She posted a Facebook picture of her topless, with a black bar censoring her breasts.  With her not having a problem with female nudity, she said, and I’m paraphrasing, that the only reason she isn’t posting the uncensored version is because of Facebook’s terms and conditions, but that if anyone wanted the picture, to message for it.

Well,  I messaged her for it.

But what does she do?  She said no.  Now of course, that’s not a problem.  I asked why, and she said “if you want to see sex, go look at Pornhub.”

Her comment didn’t make sense to me.  I only messaged her to begin with because she offered it to anyone who asked, and has expressed her comfort with her own liberated nudity.  It had nothing to do with my own desire for wanting the picture.

The very fact that she assumed her picture would have my sexual interest, contradicts her previous theory that females should be liberated in their nudity, at least to the extent men are.

Here’s what else is contradictory: if she all of the sudden became uncomfortable sending her topless picture to one person over the Internet, then how is she expected to feel comfortable roaming the downtown streets topless with hundreds or thousands of men gawking at her – an idea about which she is so passionate?

This leads me to my conclusion.  Radical feminist women, while they may boast ideas about radical feminism, remain just that: ideas.  When it comes to applying these ideas, many of them back out, resorting to their traditional, hardwired gender roles.

Radical feminism: It’s great in theory, bad in application.


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