Dogs are Pets; Chickens are Dinner; and Cockroaches Should Be Killed

The Pulse

The Paradox in Our Animal Affections

There is one part of moving house that can make anyone consider packing up and leaving town before even having stepped into the living room: creepy, crawly cockroaches. The all-too-familiar experience of wielding a variety of kitchen utensils and sprays in a desperate attempt to vanquish the winged insects. While some may be able to humanely extract cockroaches from the abode, the majority of us feel a sense of relief in exterminating these critters.


It may be a surprise to know that cockroaches have dynamic personalities, including sociability and bravery. They are known for their, “affinity for protection and groups.” And yet, with a smack of a shoe, we have the power to take this all away.

There is hypocrisy in our treatment of animals. Western culture would never consider treating pets as we do cockroaches. As Rob Sharpe from the Independentsays

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