Grabbing Nipples

Do you want to know what I feel inside? 
Are you just another pain of mine?
Is the light turned out under me?
Do you still see your shadow when you're away?

Sailing down the river on a broken boat
Driving down an dead end road
Seeing your own past go by
Do you want to laugh? Do you want to cry?

It's just another figment of your own past
Remember when we used to smoke grass?
When all the lights were out?

Well now it's time to face the end
All your trust has all been sin
What is it you believe in?
A side of you that's well hidden

Grab my nipples and make them bleed
Discover my reality
Slit my throat and drink my blood
Strip me of my internal crud

You hide behind your own prison eyes
You will never find your place in time
It's too late; you've fucked up once before
You've already entered that door

Strip me of my internal crud
Make me pay for the pain I've done
Bang my head against a wall
While I soak my dreams in alcohol

Stick a needle through my eye
Sit around and watch me die
Now's my chance to enter that door
But at least I'll never see you anymore.



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