Christianity and Islam aren’t much Different in Terms of Doctrine

An outsider may see a Muslim from a Arabic country commit a terrorist attack or suicide bombing, while a Christian from the West generally does not do those things, and conclude Christianity may seem the less hateful, the more loving, of the two religions.

But that is not necessarily the case. The key difference between the two is CULTURE, not DOCTRINE. The difference is GEOGRAPHY, not IDEOLOGY.

Sharia Law is not much different from Mosaic Law, or Biblical Law. The Bible commands to stone gays to death. The Bible commands fornicators, thieves, those who disobey their parents shall be put to death, and many other things that Western Christians do not practice today. When Muslims from Arabic countries put gays to death, that is a law inspired from the Old Testament of the Bible.

If one read both The Bible and The Koran back-to-back, s/he won’t come to the conclusion that The Bible is the more compassionate of the two. They have differences in terms of salvation, but similar in terms of hateful verses and those cliché loving verses liberals like to quote: “love thy neighbor,” “do not judge,” etc.

The difference is that Western Christians do not take Biblical doctrine literally. They live a very liberalized version of Christianity where it doesn’t take the most important role in their life: they attend to a house, have a career, family, go on vacations, while once in a while going to Church. You see these people everywhere, in the supermarket, at Walmart, just living their life fitting in with the zeitgeist. Muslims from Arabic countries, though, do take Koranic doctrine literally and Islam is the most important aspect of their life.

Why, you ask? Because Western Christians grew up in a first-world country. Industrialization, technology, politics, our culture, and the media all play a role in how “Christianity” is shaped into these people’s minds even if they aren’t consciously aware of it.

They see prosperity preachers like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer and think this is somehow reflective of Christianity. In America, Christianity is associated with The Republican Party; but doctrinal Christianity is anything but. Even the Republican Party holds politically correct views that will appeal to the masses: they never discuss “abominations” or “reprobate” behavior, but stick with politically correct wedge issues like abortion and gay marriage that will appeal to close to 50% of American citizens. How edgy.

The Western view of Christianity does not solely come from doctrine, but is influenced by a secular culture, whereas Arabic Islam tends to draw from doctrine.

So Islamic terrorists commit terrorist attacks not because of “Islam” respectively, but because of culture. In a different chain of circumstances, had Arabic nations been founded on Christianity instead of Islam, terrorism would still be rampant there; they’d just be using the Bible as their basis instead of the Quran.

Arabic Muslims tend to want Sharia Law applied to their respective nations, even among the atheists and nonMuslims. They want criminal acts to be dealt with in terms of Sharia Law. However, the Bible commanded not just Christians, but everyone, to live under Mosaic Law. Not only were atheists required to live by Mosaic law, they were punished by it in accordance to their sins.

Romans 7:11-12 “For sin, finding the opportunity afforded by the commandment, seduced me and killed me through it. So the Law in itself is holy, and the commandment is holy and righteous and good.” 

America prides itself on its Constitution: its unfiltered free speech and separation of church and state. In fact, it’s mostly Westernized Christians who tend to be most enthusiast about the Constitution. The Bible, however, has very different rules than the Constitution. Nowhere in the Bible does God give us permission for “free speech,” nor does He give His people permission to be atheists, nonbelievers, and to worship false idols without condemnation. Quite the contrary, the Bible states nonbelievers will not receive salvation and will suffer eternally.  But Western Christian masses, and of course, Republicans, are not preaching this.

Western Christians make a gross error when they accuse the root of terrorism to be a corollary of Islam, when they themselves are living a watered-down, secularized, progressive version of Christianity so far removed from its fire-and-brimstone roots. Muslims integrated in Western culture are also living a culturally-appropriate secularized Islam lifestyle where they unite against acts of terrorism.

Terrorism results from taking either Islam or Christian doctrine literally. If you’re not a terrorist, and you’re one of these two religions, you’ve been drawing from outside sources; your country made you that way. And that’s not a bad thing.




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