Finnegan’s Cure for Cancer: A Vegan Diet

John Finnegan waited patiently in the doctor’s office for his results.  A large abnormal growth was discovered near Finnegan’s stomach.  After 30 biopsies, doctors concluded it was Non-Hotchkin’s Lymphoma, a fatal form of cancer.  Several doctors informed Finnegan that chemotherapy was the only feasible option, but at his stage of cancer, chances of success would be low.  Finnegan was given a death sentence.  He was not, however, going to accept this.  He was going to live.

Finnegan sought advice from holistic health practitioners all over the world, including his own brother-in-law, Lenore.

“Today’s doctors, they don’t pay attention to nutrition,” said Lenore.  “In fact, I think they take maybe, a very brief semester in medical school that addresses nutrition.  And it really doesn’t address anything.  It just goes over what the [Food and Drug Administration] and what the government recommends in the way of nutrition.  Which is nothing, nothing at all, and all wrong on top of that.”

Finnegan was not about to fall victim to cancer.  He was told by several doctors that he had only months to live.  However, he ended up curing his cancer by proper nutrition, along with exercise.  Many studies suggest that proper nutrition is an effective way to control weight, sleep better, and more importantly, treat cancer.

According to Dr. William Harris’s article on, one who adopts a solely plant-based diet has a 25-50 percent less chance of getting cancer than a diet with high intakes of meat and processed foods.  Vegetarians are, on average, ten percent leaner than meat eaters.  Also, switching to a vegetarian diet for a whole year can reduce one’s cholesterol by 24.3 percent.  If this is the case, why are doctors always prescribing drugs and expensive treatment plans instead of telling patients to go home and eat a salad?

“It’s all about dollar signs,” said Finnegan.  “The pharmaceutical drug company is a billion dollar industry.  If this information gets out there, they lose money.  Doctors have their backs.  It’s all about the status quo.  And frankly, that’s sad.”

Lenore says that American citizens put too much faith in doctors and not enough faith in research.

“People believe doctors know what they’re doing,” Lenore said.  “We put an implicit trust in physicians.  The reason they feel like God is because we endow them with that.  We don’t challenge them, we don’t question them, and they take whatever course of action they want.”

Lenore argues that patients should not take the advice of doctors as if it were gospel.  He states the treatment advice of doctors is not based on science but just a glorified opinion.

“If you put two doctors in the same room you get three opinions.  So obviously, that’s not science.  Science has a definite outcome, like math,” Lenore told Finnegan.  After this, Finnegan had a major epiphany.

Finnegan went on a strict vegan diet.  He ate adequate amounts of vegetables, fruits, tea, and ginger, recommended by his holistic practitioner.  According to, Ginger has been shown in animal studies to shrink and kill cancer cells.  Also, the problem with radiation is that it cannot decipher the difference between healthy cells and cancer cells.  It destroys them all.  Even if radiation is successful in beating cancer, there is an increased risk of getting future cancer since the remaining healthy cells are weakened and are susceptible to infection.  Ginger, however, only kills the cancer cells, while leaving the healthy cells intact.

To the astonishment of Finnegan’s physicians, his cancer reversed.  Not minimized, not inhibited, but gone.  Finnegan became an advocate for proper nutrition.  He currently speaks at hospitals everywhere advising sick patients that they still have a chance at life.  If it is possible to reverse cancer in this fashion, then preventing it should be a cinch.  Then why is America’s cancer rate so high?  Dr. Heather Morales, chiropractor and owner of Elite Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation Center, LLC in Fenton, Mo., believes she knows why.

“Three simple words,” Morales said. “Standard American diet.  Too much sodium, fillers, sugars, processed foods.  America’s food is centered around convenience.”

Dr. Morales’ practice specializes in joint and nutritional care for professional athletes.  Several of her customers are St. Louis Blues and Rams players.

“The food pyramid in America is a joke,” Morales continues.  “Things like the Paleo diet are what we should be focusing on.”  Morales explains that the Paleolithic diet is based on what humans ate during the Paleolithic period approximately 2.5 million years ago, before the advent of modern agriculture.  It can also be referred to as the hunter-gatherer diet, and includes berries, nuts, and fish.  The Paleo diet is very popular among professional athletes.  The Paleo diet does include meat, but only from grass-fed animals that have received no antibiotics or hormones.  Basically, every food item must be in its natural, unprocessed state.

Lisa Blundell, vegan nutritional consultant at Health and Harmony College in Brisbane, Australia, became a vegan in 2008.  She grew up in a small country town with a population of only 2,000 people.  She helped her father in their family-owned dairy farm.

“I had to stop.  I knew what I was doing wasn’t right,” she said.  “More than 60 percent of world’s population is lactose intolerant.  Most don’t know it.  And on top of that, casein, dairy protein, is a promoter of cancer.”

Dairy is known for its substantive amount of calcium.  Milk is healthy, right? This is what the commercials tell the American people.  This is what parents tell their children.

Blundell adds, “Dairy has been touted as a miracle and natural food by the media for many years and many people are led to believe that dairy is the supreme source of calcium.  But there is a price to pay with that, and that price is osteoporosis and obesity.  There are many non-dairy sources of calcium such as broccoli, legumes, and soy.”

Blundell adds that her life has been happier, more fulfilling, and more content upon becoming vegan.  “My skin cleared up, I’ve lost several kilos, I sleep better, and I feel much better when I exercise,” she said.

So can nutrition replace chemotherapy as a standard for cancer treatment?  Science does not have a definitive answer yet.  Evidence certainly suggests, however, that proper nutrition can help.  Americans must find a way to figure this out, so its lifespan can be on par with other countries who are less nutritionally ignorant.

As Carl Lenore puts it, “It was Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, who said ‘let food by thy medicine.’ And truer words were never spoken.”



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