Women become “genderless” when childbearing years are finished

Biologically speaking, what makes a woman a woman is her ability to procreate. Additionally, what makes a woman a woman is her ability to attract a mate for purposes of copulation – her smooth skin, curves, supple breasts, a strong, healthy limber body that would support a baby well – all designed to attract a male. Men are hardwired to be attracted to those things.

When women age past the point of procreation, when they age past the point of being alluring to men, they are no longer women: they are, on biologically level, matter taking up space.

Men’s biological purpose doesn’t end. Biologically, when one woman becomes useless, men are supposed to move on to the next younger, ovulating woman and continue procreation. Women should then retire somewhere in a gated territory of all genderless people.

If being gay is unnatural temptation, so is attraction to elderly “woman.” It defeats the purpose of why women are attractive. At that point it’s no different than dating a man. Sometimes elderly men will marry an elderly woman after their first spouses die, but at that point, it’s just for show. He isn’t really sexually attracted to her, he is just marrying her companionship, to adapt to society’s rule that men must marry women.

It’s an anomaly that women live so long since their entire biological purpose for existing ends before middle-age.

However, I consider it a good thing we do not base societal norms on a strictly biological standard.



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