I Hate the word “Bitch.” It’s rooted in Sexism, and it needs to go.

I am no liberal or what the kids are calling “social justice warrior” these days. I am not politically correct at all, and fully support no limits in comedy. But the word “bitch” really bothers me. It’s become a word that men use toward women when said women fall short of pleasing said men’s expectations to the fullest.

It’s kind of like how, a white person can claim they’re not racist, but then watch the news and see a story about a black man who committing a drive-by shooting, then say, “that n****r!”

That person will excuse themselves of their racism by saying “there’s a difference between black people and n****rs. N****rs commit crimes.” In other words, black people have to meet his expectations of goodness or otherwise they risk being called racial slurs. Criminal white men don’t have a special word.

You have to be a sexist to use the word “bitch.”

When man is with woman, all is fine when things are going well, equal rights for sure, but when women does something man doesn’t like, and he calls her a bitch, he’s essentially saying, “I support a patriarchal society and this is why women are dumb and men should make the decisions.”

Racial and sexist slurs should never be used even when the people often targets of those slurs do something you don’t agree with or something bad. Otherwise you’re “cool” with blacks who obey laws, work full time, take care of their kids, and women when they’re having fun with you, but you’re putting your racism and sexism on reserve until blacks and women don’t meet your lifestyle expectations.

So when I get rightfully mad at someone who happens to be woman, I just call her an asshole or douche or something. The same thing I’d call a man.


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