At the Shoreline


I hope you die in a river
And as you’re trying to get out
You look at me in fear
As you’re about to drown

And I’m standing at the shoreline
Pointing at your face
As you receive your retribution
For your life led of disgrace

And I’m watching at the shoreline
As you attempt to gasp for air
With your face drenched in the waves
Gasping what’s not there

Let go of the struggle and
Let the waters take you in
Accept your death with pride
As you’re punished for your sin

And I’m laughing at the shoreline
As you’re crying your last cry
You don’t have to write me where you’re going
But tell the Devil I said “Hi.”

And I’m thinking at the shoreline
Now that you’re dead and gone
How the Earth will be a better place
Without you to make it wrong


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