The Beatles were the most untalented band that made it big.

The Beatles are talented, but I’m saying they’re the least talented band in comparison to their level of success. I say this not to criticize them, I love the Beatles, in fact I give them credit, because they somehow managed to become the biggest band in the world in spite of being relatively untalented.

-They could admittedly could not read music. They hummed the melodies and their producer, George Martin “the fifth Beatle,” transformed their melodies into sheet music and chords for them – but received no songwriting credit. I have written several songs in the shower, yet I have no one to turn it into sheet music.

-Could not play instruments particularly well. The Beatles songs are simple, 3-chord melodies. No fancy guitar solos, no elaborate bridges. George is perhaps the most skilled at the guitar.

-Ringo is a mediocre drummer. If you Google “Ringo drum solo” you will find nothing – because he can’t do a solo to save his life. He managed to fork out simple beats in the Beatles but he’s not a real drummer in the sense that Phil Collins, Don Henley, Travis Barker, Neil Peart from Rush are drummers.

-Could not sing particularly well. They were not classically-trained singers. They have karaoke-friendly voices that any one with a limited range could mimic. They lacked a powerhouse on vocals like Steve Perry, Freddie Mercury.

-Not known for their fantastic harmonies a la The Beach Boys and The Eagles. The Beach Boys had Brian Wilson, a music genius who wrote AND produced the songs, and every member was utilized in the harmonies. The Eagles had the great harmonies AND skilled guitar solos from guitar virtuosos in Joe Walsh and Don Felder.

The Beatles were kind of a manufactured boy band designed to make girls go crazy who has a ghost-producer do all the technical work for them.

Their claim to fame is that they had several catchy songs. But The Eagles, Beach Boys, and Michael Jackson have a lot catchy songs, were together longer, wrote and produced virtually everything themselves, and the songs consisted of more talented instrument playing.

I enjoy Blink 182. I’ve seen them in concert a few times. I grew up with them.

That said – Blink 182…with the exception of Travis Barker on drummers…is a basic, untalented band, for the most part. They are a 3-piece. They are no Led Zeppelin in terms of musical ability.

I love the Beatles music. I have their discography. They have tons of catchy songs. I’m just stating truths here. Beatles songs are very easy to imitate doing karaoke because of their basic, limited voices. Try doing karaoke to a Journey song and hitting Steve Perry’s high notes.

They are a 3-chord pop band. Simple singing, melodies, and use basic chord progressions.

Take someone like Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys. He was the writer, producer, and composer of the songs. He was so meticulous in perfecting the notes and timing, most of the time he used a DIFFERENT band…a professional orchestra…for the studio recordings, and the Beach Boys themselves played the songs live.

Take “God Only Knows” which was written intentionally off key. The chord progressions in the first verse are non-diatonic, using inverted chords, which gave the lyrics a somber, restless sound, until the chorus chimes in with “God Only Knows what’d id be without you,” when it’s back to its tonic chord. Wilson really thought outside the box here. Wilson composed this entirely HIMSELF with no help. The Beatles don’t have any songs near to the level of this kind of genius songwriting, and when they wrote songs, someone else produced and composed it for them.



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