Pro-life = Anti-Kangaroo?



By being against abortion, one is also opposed to kangaroos. How?

Think about it. Liberals use the euphemism “anti-woman” to describe people who are against the killing of unborn life, instead of the more literal, “anti-killing” or “anti-abortion” “anti-removal of fetuses.”  These latter terms are not used by the liberal media because they don’t have the same zing that “anti-woman” does.  With “anti-woman,” it also implies that because someone is against killing unborn life, they like to beat women and keep them in the kitchen.

It’s a genius choice by the liberal media, really, because despising those of the female gender and being opposed to killing people who are alive aren’t even connected in any way. But the media made it work.

I guess the only connection between the two you could argue is that most people who identify as a female are the only ones who can potentially get pregnant. But this is a coincidence more than anything. People aren’t opposed to abortion [i]because[/] females get pregnant, but in spite of it.

By extension, most people against abortion are opposed to every species of animal having abortions too. All animals would include kangaroos. Thus, a pro-life person could technically be called “anti-kangaroo.”

Which is funny, because, if you call someone “anti-kangaroo,” no one listening would ever piece together that you’re referring to their opposition to abortion. They would assume the person likes to hunt kangaroos or something. Yet when someone says “anti-woman,” we connect it with abortion, rather than assuming the more literal meaning, that the person is a Ted Bundy type serial killer who rapes and murders only women.

Ahh, gotta love social conditioning.


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