Pissy Panties

When you invited me over your house
And explained you had a fetish to me
I was a bit alarmed
But I never expected to see…

Piss running down your legs
From your thigh down to your knee
Tangerine dew on peach fuzz skin
Like the morning rainfall on a tree

Spots of yellow painting satin so white
A bit self-conscious you appeared to be
But I assured you there’s none to fear
We shall make love, drenched in your pee

Then you said you wanted to try something else
But to close my eyes so I don’t spoil it
I felt your body stand up over mine
And for that moment, my face was your toilet

Your piss on my skin makes my happy
I go from angry, or sad, to not…
Let me taste your orange tang while you’re singing to me
“Tinkle Tinkle Little Twat”

Your yellow love potion has hooked me
And now it’s hard to go on without it
Yellow love juice against your pink skin
I get excited just thinking about it

Our next date, I took you shopping on the Sunset Strip
All the employees knew you by name…
“Hey, what will it be today?” They’d say.
And then I realized to them your fame…

You ruin your pissy panties so often
And you purchase at the rate you destroy
You’re spotted here shopping for them every day
You are to Panties what Helen is of Troy

I am in student loan debt of my own
But your panty debt is more than I can pay…
Gucci and Armani, you spend too much
On panties you will only wear for one day

But your yellow crest I wear on my chest
In memory of you forever
And as we part ways and no longer share days just know
You can still piss on me whenever

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 3.39.54 PM


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