Your Lotus Flower

Your lotus flower so intrinsically delicate
Its color pinker than a flamingo’s feathers
Its moistness like the condensation on a cold beer
Warm isolated drops of rain flowing downward

The scent of a bouquet of dianthus carnations and lavender
Alluring those fortunate enough to behold its seraphic fragrance
Its taste of thawed raspberries once frozen
Sweet saccharine extract with its illustrious aftertaste

Its hair like that of a well-maintained meadow in the springtime
Each curly bristle aesthetically placed by nature
Her Tunnel of love so exquisite and refined
A passage through which only the blessed have journeyed

Its glistening discharge purer than a waterfall in a rainforest
The soft, radiant beads sprinkling your skin
For I am tested like Adam in the Garden of Eden
Because she possesses the sweetest forbidden fruit



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