Daylight Savings Time is Depressing

I’m so sick of people saying “we get longer days!” No, the day is not longer. The day would only be longer if they added an extra hour to the day making it 25 hours. What they mean is the sun stays out longer during evening hours. But that isn’t beneficial in any way if the clock stays exactly the same and you still have to go to bed at the same time and get up for work at the same time. It’s not like you get to enjoy a day for longer as if an extra hour has been handed to you.

And you lose an hour sleep. And no, you don’t “get used to it.” Melatonin is produced in your body when it’s dark out. Getting dark around 6 is good for the body and it gradually becomes tired before falling asleep at a good time like 9-10. With it being light longer, your body gets tired later. This is bad for getting up the next morning. It’s unnatural.

And finally, night time is fun. Why do people think a “longer day” is a good thing? The fun things people do are At NIGHT. What do people do during they day? They work, they have court dates, they run errands, they go to the dentist. Boring stuff. And what do people do at night? They go to concerts, sports games, clubs, out to eat, go on dates, and watch movies. When the moon is out, it’s a euphoric feeling. The fun stuff happens at NIGHT. Would Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle been in any fun if it were set during the day? Adventures happen at night. And people want a longer DAY? Are you kidding me?


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