Why Animal Testing Should Be Banned

Testing on animals is a common routine many companies use to test new products for safety for the consumer.  However, animal testing is a bad idea.  The disadvantages of animal testing outweigh the advantages.  There are several reasons that animal testing is now obsolete and should be done away with. The advantages to animal testing […]

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Treating Cancer with Alternative Medicine

John Finnegan waited patiently in the doctor’s office for his results.  A large abnormal growth was discovered near Finnegan’s stomach.  After 30 biopsies, doctors concluded it was Non-Hotchkin’s Lymphoma, a fatal form of cancer.  Several doctors informed Finnegan that chemotherapy was the only feasible option, but at his stage of cancer, chances of success would […]

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The Disorder

There I was, sitting in the giant, quiet room anxiously.  I heard the second hand of the clock ticking.  Pencils were thumping.  All of the sudden the large grumpy woman with an 80’s hairstyle at the front of the classroom yells “10 minutes left.”  This made it worse.  I couldn’t concentrate on my assignment.  I […]

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Confessions of an E-stalker

Serena Meyer sat down at her computer.  It was a typical day after class.  She needed to catch up on some procrastinated homework.  To her surprise, things were not looking normal.  Her computer screen was frozen.  Meyer had been noticing strange things happening with her computer as of late, but she never thought to be […]

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The Negative Portrayal of the Law Enforcement in the Comic Book Films

Films that are adapted from comic books (or later spawned comic books) often feature vigilantes in lead roles.  The law enforcement in the form of police officers, detectives, or courts, often are portrayed defamatorily and are essentially the antagonists.  Viewers often identify with the vigilant, sometimes anarchist hero while accepting the law as the enemy. […]

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