“Get Out” and “A Cure for Wellness” Share Many Eerie Similarities.

I am surprised someone is not being sued for copyright infringement here, but considering both movies were released the same month, it could be one large coincidence. Spoilers below, if you haven’t seen both movies yet and you want to, you shouldn’t read further: Both feature a similar general plot but it doesn’t stop there: […]

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“Cutie and the Boxer”

In Cutie and the Boxer, Zachary Heinzerling gives the underappreciated and now elderly boxing painter Ushio Shinohara his long overdue adulation. While the film has many shots of Ushio’s work, it was much more than a documentary about art; it is one that shows how a couple, who have been married the past four decades, […]

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The Guard: An Examination of Ireland’s Cinematic Industry

John Michael McDonagh’s The Guard (2011) is an important contribution to Irish cinema; the plot transcends both Irish and American culture and the content attracts an Irish and American demographic. Irishman may view this film and learn many cultural differences about Americans, particularly from Don Cheadle’s Agent Everett, while Americans may learn several societal and […]

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Broken Song

With its beautiful cinematography, Claire Dix’s Broken Song is beautiful visual experience that not only fits the criteria to receive funding from the Irish Arts Council, but one that that fans of independent Irish cinema will be talking about for quite some time. The director, Dix, was a European photographer and this is evident with […]

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Coming straight off The Guard, John Michael McDonagh’s Calvary proves how versatile both he and lead actor Brendan Gleeson are. Calvary demonstrates that McDonagh is capable of making a dark comedy with The Guard, but also has the range to make serious dramatic pieces. After The Guard, Gleeson had his work cut out for him […]

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