Can You Help Me?

Can you help me? I tried my hand at gambling I did not win a dime I tried my hand at love But no one wanted to be mine I tried to climb that ladder That they call success But I never made it up More than one or two steps Can you help me? […]

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She knows who she is. Her radiant beauty was so addicting, so captivating, that not only was she desirable to look at, but her beauty also had the powers to make other women in the world gradually less desirable to the point of not desirable at all. Her beautiful, adorable, flawless face, like that of […]

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Her Short, Pixie Hair

The physical lust, while it largely exists, It’s only a fragment, just sprinkles, just mists Of her whole aura that makes her a human; As I reflect from the future when I am her groom and She is my bride and was relieved from distress When she first made her entrance in that pristine white […]

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This may be the shortest poem I ever wrote: Lucifer You fucking angel Go to hell And sit on the manger

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Your Lotus Flower

Your lotus flower so intrinsically delicate Its color pinker than a flamingo’s feathers Its moistness like the condensation on a cold beer Warm isolated drops of rain flowing downward The scent of a bouquet of dianthus carnations and lavender Alluring those fortunate enough to behold its seraphic fragrance Its taste of thawed raspberries once frozen […]

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Pissy Panties

When you invited me over your house And explained you had a fetish to me I was a bit alarmed But I never expected to see… Piss running down your legs From your thigh down to your knee Tangerine dew on peach fuzz skin Like the morning rainfall on a tree Spots of yellow painting […]

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At the Shoreline

I hope you die in a river And as you’re trying to get out You look at me in fear As you’re about to drown And I’m standing at the shoreline Pointing at your face As you receive your retribution For your life led of disgrace And I’m watching at the shoreline As you attempt […]

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