Your Lotus Flower

Your lotus flower so intrinsically delicate Its color pinker than a flamingo’s feathers Its moistness like the condensation on a cold beer Warm isolated drops of rain flowing downward The scent of a bouquet of dianthus carnations and lavender Alluring those fortunate enough to behold its seraphic fragrance Its taste of thawed raspberries once frozen […]

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Pissy Panties

When you invited me over your house And explained you had a fetish to me I was a bit alarmed But I never expected to see… Piss running down your legs From your thigh down to your knee Tangerine dew on peach fuzz skin Like the morning rainfall on a tree Spots of yellow painting […]

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At the Shoreline

I hope you die in a river And as you’re trying to get out You look at me in fear As you’re about to drown And I’m standing at the shoreline Pointing at your face As you receive your retribution For your life led of disgrace And I’m watching at the shoreline As you attempt […]

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Aches Me

I have no idea what I was thinking when I wrote this at 12, but I apparently had an imagination: I am dead but not really Figure dwellers have found my cold dead body Lying in the ice singing love songs As I want for my distance to achieve I know I am almost dead […]

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Marina, Wherefore Art Thou?

Marina, Marina; where’d you go? Marina, Marina; put on a show Marina, Marina; I really love you Marina, Marina; we’ll make one two It all started the day you came in my life I knew when I saw you, I’d make you my wife Nothing to proceed, nothing to rebel I fell to my knees […]

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Private Scene

Leave me alone at my private scene Leave me alone, quit bothering me I don’t care where else you go Just stay away from me Leave me alone at my private scene Leave me alone, just go away I don’t have any love for you Just stay away from my private scene

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Pigs on Control

Oh no, a racial issue Put your hands up or I’m going to shoot you You better do exactly as I say Or your life is going to end today Is that marijuana in your possession? “Yes it is, but it’s God’s medicine. You should know that because you think you’re God You think because […]

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