Finnegan’s Cure for Cancer: A Vegan Diet

John Finnegan waited patiently in the doctor’s office for his results.  A large abnormal growth was discovered near Finnegan’s stomach.  After 30 biopsies, doctors concluded it was Non-Hotchkin’s Lymphoma, a fatal form of cancer.  Several doctors informed Finnegan that chemotherapy was the only feasible option, but at his stage of cancer, chances of success would […]

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The Reality of Speciesism

By no means with this am I trying to illustrate a bias – I’m trying my best to illustrate the facts here and be as objective as possible. Animal rights is the most important of all rights – women’s, blacks, homosexuals – because it covers all of them. Humans are animals, too, so by supporting […]

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Veganism and The Golden Rule

Veganism is an important concept humanity must recognize as a requirement for objective morality, or as a fundamental standard of anyone’s relative morality. .  There is a contradiction when one calls himself a religious or spiritual person yet eats animal flesh.  It’s like being a nutritionist and smoking.  If a philosopher doesn’t practice love and […]

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