Pro-life = Anti-Kangaroo?

  By being against abortion, one is also opposed to kangaroos. How? Think about it. Liberals use the euphemism “anti-woman” to describe people who are against the killing of unborn life, instead of the more literal, “anti-killing” or “anti-abortion” “anti-removal of fetuses.”  These latter terms are not used by the liberal media because they don’t […]

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At the Shoreline

I hope you die in a river And as you’re trying to get out You look at me in fear As you’re about to drown And I’m standing at the shoreline Pointing at your face As you receive your retribution For your life led of disgrace And I’m watching at the shoreline As you attempt […]

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“Get Out” and “A Cure for Wellness” Share Many Eerie Similarities.

I am surprised someone is not being sued for copyright infringement here, but considering both movies were released the same month, it could be one large coincidence. Spoilers below, if you haven’t seen both movies yet and you want to, you shouldn’t read further: Both feature a similar general plot but it doesn’t stop there: […]

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